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Space Camp

Do you want to learn about Space, the Planets, Stars and Galaxies? I will be hosting 3 Space Camps this year for different ages:

  • Space Camp Junior – June 12-16 Grades 1-4
  • Space Camp Senior – July 10-14 Grades 5-8
  • Space Camp Advanced – August 7-11 Grades 5-8

Camp will be from 2pm-4pm from Monday through Thursday with a Field Trip on Friday to Z-Field Observatory to observe the universe with a large telescope! Space Camp Advanced Tuesday class will be from 7pm-10pm. pace Camp Junior will be a fun filled tour of our solar system with stops at the Sun, Moon and planets. We’ll learn about what creatures might live on other planets while making moon craters and our own galaxy model. We’ll learn about space travel and build our own kites and straw rocket!

Space Camp Senior continues the fun but brings in more science. You’ll learn about light and how we can learn things about stars and planets that we can’t touch. We’ll learn about telescopes and even build your own! Look through the a special telescope at Sunspots and use other telescopes to view Moon Craters, Cloud Bands on Jupiter, Galaxies and beautiful glowing space clouds called Nebula.

Space Camp Advanced teaches you how scientists learn about Space by turning your smartphone into a science laboratory! Take your own pictures of the Sun and Moon! Take pictures of an area of the sky and find the asteroid. Will it hit Earth? We’ll do the calculations to find out. Are there space rocks in your backyard? We will find them by building a microscope using your smartphone to search for them.

Camp Fee will be $140 + $25 material fee. Register by contacting Discovery Montessori Academy at:

Space Camp is taught by Kevin Cobble owner of Z-Field Observatory in Princeton. z-field.org. Email: observatory@z-field.org

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To learn more about the Z-Field Learning Summer Space Camp, as well as other educational products and services, please send email inquiries to the below address or follow the Z-Field Learning Facebook page for updates.